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  • Summer Allergies
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  • Spring Allergies

    "Now I can pick as many flowers as I want..."

  • Summer Allergies

    "My grass allergies wouldn't let me enjoy my golf game."

  • Fall Allergies

    "I'm grateful my allergies no longer make it difficult to enjoy fall colors."

  • Winter Allergies

    "I'm able to go play in the snow now..."

Whatever the reason or season

Meet Our Providers

  • Matthew C. Wilson, MD

    Matthew C. Wilson, MD

    “I am highly qualified to address each patient’s concerns and illnesses. I always strive to put the patient…

What our patients say

  • "I have had asthma for 35 years. I have been hospitalized 5 times. I am glad I went to Tri-State Allergy-my new medications and action plan help me live a normal life without wheezing and shortness of breath."

    AV, Ironton, OH

  • "I have three cats and they are just like family, but I was sneezing, wheezing, and had itchy eyes when I held my cats. I was surprised to find out I was allergic to cats-now I'm on allergy shots and can enjoy my cats again."

    BW, Wayne, WV

  • "I had a skin rash that no other physician could diagnose. I came to Tri-State Allergy and Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lynch knew exactly what is was. Now my rash is under control, and I'm not itching anymore. Thanks to Tri-State Allergy!"

    JR, Proctorville, Ohio

  • "My son has a severe peanut allergy. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lynch made the proper diagnosis and advised on avoidance of peanuts and peanut products. I am so relieved that we know what caused his problem and can now live a normal life..."

    SK, Ashland, KY

  • Summer picnics are our favorite family activity! I'm glad my grass allergies are now under control thanks to the physicians at Tri-State Allergy!

    SA, Huntington, WV